B2B Networking Meetings

Conversations are key

Networking is key to building a business, but you need opportunities to have meaningful conversations to make it really work.

Our consultancy – The Marketing Matrix – started when we met for coffee after a networking meeting in 2012, and we’re proud to have built a business together as a result of that chance meeting.

The Corporate Escape Club offers B2B business owners a new way to support one another and grow their businesses.

How do meetings work?

Our aim is to help you create and grow your business by meeting a community of like-minded peers, curious consultants and subject-matter experts interested in:
  • Having meaningful, 1:1, business-focused conversations
  • Exploring opportunities for collaborations and cross referrals
  • Making high-quality, relevant connections
  • Gaining 24-carat marketing and business growth tips
This isn’t networking where you give a 60-second pitch.
It’s not a training workshop either (although you’ll certainly learn something every time!)

1:1 introductions

The focus of The Corporate Escape Club meetings is on spending time talking 1:1, building relationships and business friendships.
At our meetings you’ll get to know people who support each other as collaborators, referrers, business buddies, associates and clients.
We take the time to introduce you to fellow escapees in a series of 12 minute, 1:1 conversations so you can have a proper chat and get to know each other.
We run local meetings, in-person at our beautiful Boathouse, by the river in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey and national meetings on Zoom, so wherever you are in the world you can join us for conversation, connection and collaboration with fellow corporate escapees.


When are Club meetings?
Usually every third Thursday of the month.

Where are they?
They are either on Zoom or at The Boathouse.

What is the fee?
To reserve your place at a Corporate Escape Club meeting a £48 refundable deposit is payable via Paypal.

This is to ensure the limited places go to people who are committed to attending, which makes the meetings more valuable for everyone!

The fee is refunded straight back to you once you’ve attended the meeting.

There’s no charge for the first two in-person meetings.

From your third in-person meeting, you can either choose to join the Corporate Escape Club – in which case your meeting deposit will always be refunded on attendance, or pay the meeting fee.

At present – Zoom, National meetings are unlimited. Deposits are fully refunded on attendance.