Are you in the right rooms?

If you’re a consultant, coach or expert, finding the right B2B networking meetings is a powerful way to promote your business.

We firmly believe that the more people you know, the faster your business will grow!

Marketing is all about numbers, the more people you can help get to know, like and trust you, the more enquiries, leads and contracts you will win.

And attending networking meetings is a great way to do that.

So we encourage all corporate escapees and ‘corporate escapees to be’ who want to promote their businesses to attend as many different networking meetings as they can.  Nothing beats meeting people face to face and well-run virtual networking meetings are a great, and efficient way to meet new people too!

But, there’s also a lot to be said for being in the ‘right’ rooms.

While networking should never be about selling to the people in the room, it is about building relationships with people who are in a position to help your business grow.

As a business owner you are juggling many roles, your time is precious and you want to make sure that the connections you make have half a chance of bringing you great quality referrals.

So choosing the right rooms to spend your time in is critical if you want to win premium contracts from clients you love working with.

Many of our members are B2B consultants and coaches who solve very specific problems for the businesses they work with.

The systems, phrases and language they use are often particular to the industry and level at which they work.

If you spend too much time with people who are not in your world, don’t understand the difference you make and don’t have the kinds of professional network and connections that will be of value to you, you will find networking a frustrating and potentially ineffective use of your time.

So here are some ways to help you find the right rooms.

1) Find sector specific events to attend

Networking doesn’t all have to be about finding ‘Networking Events’. Conferences, symposiums, expos, shows and lunches that focus on your industry or sector are a great way to meet people who could help you.  

LinkedIn and Eventbrite are useful resources to help you find events like these.

Attend with a view to learning more about the problems and challenges your sector is facing and chat openly with the people you meet there without selling.  Just have your ‘captivating one-liner’ prepared, so that when someone asks you what you do you can explain it in a simple, succinct and intriguing way.

Don’t forget to post on LinkedIn that you are planning to attend an event and to take a picture and post afterwards about your time there.  These posts will serve to help consolidate your position as an expert in your sector and industry and are also a great way to increase your knowledge and experience.

2) Find events that are in the right location

If you want to win large contracts from some of the biggest corporations, you’re not necessarily going to meet the people who can award them to you at local networking events!

It’s not impossible of course, but chances are far greater if you head to your nearest city and find events that are closest to large corporate offices.  

It’s always important to keep local networking events in the mix, the people you meet at them are part of your community and can often become friends for life, but mix it up by attending city-based events at least once per month.

3) Find communities of ‘people like you’

Emma and I have networked for years – it’s how we originally met, at a local networking event for women!  But we struggled to find networking meetings full of people like us – B2B consultants working with larger corporates.

As we’ve become busier and busier it’s become critical that we spend our networking time in the right rooms with people who ‘get us’ and who we can also help support.

It was tricky to find groups of ‘people like us’ which is why we started the Corporate Escape Club back at the beginning of 2021.  

Networking had all gone a bit wrong during the pandemic. Staring at screen fulls of tiny faces and listening to so many 60 second pitches had taken the joy out of the meetings.

So we decided to do things a bit differently. 

We designed our meetings specifically for B2B consultants, coaches and experts who had escaped corporate life and started their own business.

We wanted them to be somewhere we could have ‘proper chats’ with fellow consultants and where we could help with our marketing nuggets and tips.  Members of the Club all work with larger corporates and are in a strong position to refer their fellow escapees when the time is right and the opportunity arises.

Today, more importantly, it’s a friendly community where we’re all in this business building world together, have each other’s backs, can provide support when things aren’t going so well and celebrate wins and achievements when they are.

So, are you spending time in the right rooms?

If you’re a consultant, coach or expert looking for B2B Networking Meetings full of people just like you, click here to book your spot at our next meeting!